dijous, 23 de juliol de 2009

this is love (juliol 2009)

this is love - the gist

barlow's house - dead famous people

baby it's you - dolly mixture

knight in gale - the palisades

jennifer television - po!

a place in the sun (italiano) - stevie wonder

paradise lost - anthony adverse

great fool - the apartments

brazil 94 - arabesque

toymaker - the association

it happens all the time - biff bang pow!

patrick - big table

antenna (acoustic) - the church

bend in the road - danny and dusty

we love you carol and allison - game theory

le sourire de pablo - isabelle antena

only true love - lee harvey

holiday song - marine girls

naufrage en hiver - mikado

don't ring me up - protex

the second time - the raw herbs

everlasting - the sweetest ache

pleasure of love - tom tom club

pinstriped rebel - would-be-goods

probably this winter - yeah jazz

link: this is love