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June and The Exit Wounds – A Little More Haven Hamilton, Please (1998)

June and The Exit Wounds – A Little More Haven Hamilton, Please (Parasol, 1998)

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Bagarre - Circus (1982)

Bagarre - Circus (1982)

diumenge, 31 de juliol de 2011

Apres Ski (Juliol 2011)

brilliant at breakfast
brown recluse
frontier scouts
butcher boy
jasmine minks
the four freshmen
louis philippe
china crisis
pants yell
fleet foxes
junior boys
john cale
jerry keller
prefab sprout

diumenge, 17 de juliol de 2011

Memphis - You Supply The Roses e.p. (1985)

James Kirk at his best

dilluns, 20 de juny de 2011

This Is Our 85 (2011)

andy pawlak
john maus
love and money
david kilgour & the heavy eights
bummer twins
puro instinct
julio bustamante
the cherry orchard
metro trinity
david sylvian
kurt vile
twin shadow
sea lions
avi buffalo
yeah jazz
the soft city
uv pop
jack hardy

dilluns, 23 de maig de 2011

Good Thing (Maig 2011)

city giants
the woodentops
the jack rubies
young bryan superstar
the monochrome set
the feelies
the fresh & onlys
the blue aeroplanes
grant mclennan
cass mccombs
owen pallett
linda perhacs
fred neil
john cale
at swim two birds
joe hisaishi
ohio players

dijous, 5 de maig de 2011

Grant Mclennan – One Plus One

in the house
smell of tulips
and peppermint
cotton sheets
candle smoke
and a mosquito net
making love
making waves
and not making sense
everone’s gone’s
what everyone said
sure seems like
we went and
lost our heads

Grant William McLennan (12 February 1958 – 6 May 2006)

dissabte, 23 d’abril de 2011

Prince, top 10 personal

1 sign 'o' the times (1987)
2 purple rain (1984)
3 dirty mind (1980)
4 around the world in a day (1985)
5 1999 (1982)
6 parade (1986)
7 lovesexy (1988)
8 prince (1979)
9 controversy (1981)
10 for you (1978)

dijous, 7 d’abril de 2011

After Hours (Abril 2011)

tony mottola with the groovies
david kilgour
the go-betweens
nick hamilton
claners from venus
franco battiato
the yellow balloon
the clean
milton nascimento
jack frost
the association
rachel sweet
martin newell
gorky's zygotic mynci
animal nightlife
vinnie bell
frank sinatra

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The Clean - Mister Pop (2009)

dimecres, 30 de març de 2011

Nick Hamilton - Suitcase Man (1984)

link de 18 rodas

diuen que aquest disc va ser #1 a Espanya

dimecres, 23 de març de 2011

Colourbox - Colourbox (1985)

link de my generation

Milton Nascimento - Courage (1969)

Milton Nascimento - Courage (1969)
link de Cagedream

més Milton a Cagedream

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Love's Happening (Febrer 2011)

Love's Happening (Febrer 2011)

a.r. kane
nick garrie
the sullivans
friends again
john edwards
the kane gang
the sea and cake
gil evans
jonathan richman
phil wilson
the aislers set
the dentists
the apartments
television personalities
the impressions
arthur russell
the sea and cake

Rodney Allen - Circle Line (1988)

link de amor louco

Friends Again – The Friends Again EP (1984)

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A.R. Kane - i (1989)

link de alambre caliente

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Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell - Discography (1981-2009)
Buffalo Tones Blogspot

Nick Heyward - Postcards From Home (1986)

Nick Heyward - Postcards From Home (1986)
link de Saltyka and His Friends

The Sea and Cake - One Bedroom (2003)

link de sunflower chakra milk

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dissabte, 29 de gener de 2011

Jeff Kelly - Coffee In Nepal (1987)

Jeff Kelly - Coffee In Nepal (1987)

link de share music blogspot

Nutshell (Gener 2011)

Nutshell (Gener 2011)

summer fiction
arthur russell
the high llamas
allen clapp
the potting sheds
edwyn collins
mink deville
africa bambaataa
le mans
east river pipe
the hi-life companion
the painted word
jeff kelly
duncan browne
aztec camera

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XTC - Nonsuch (1992)

XTC - Nonsuch (1992)
disc favorit de XTC

dilluns, 17 de gener de 2011

Summer Fiction - Summer Fiction (2010)

Summer Fiction - Summer Fiction (2010)