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Love's Happening (Febrer 2011)

Love's Happening (Febrer 2011)

a.r. kane
nick garrie
the sullivans
friends again
john edwards
the kane gang
the sea and cake
gil evans
jonathan richman
phil wilson
the aislers set
the dentists
the apartments
television personalities
the impressions
arthur russell
the sea and cake

Rodney Allen - Circle Line (1988)

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Friends Again – The Friends Again EP (1984)

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A.R. Kane - i (1989)

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Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell - Discography (1981-2009)
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Nick Heyward - Postcards From Home (1986)

Nick Heyward - Postcards From Home (1986)
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The Sea and Cake - One Bedroom (2003)

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