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Peter Astor - Submarine (1990)

link de dirk wears white sox

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Coach Station Reunion (2-11-2010) set list

Coach Station Reunion - Bar Clandestino, BCN
Festa Creation Records In-Edit (2-11-2010)
Set List:

sorry to embarass you - razorcuts
trains - csr
september's not so far away - field mice
johnny cash - csr
the last to know - lilac time
la bossa - csr
why does the rain - loft
feelin' blue - csr
broken heart blues - stuart moxham
I've been here before - csr
I'm in love with a girl who doesn't know I exist - another sunny day
untitled melody - orange juice
entre llençols - fred i son
abba on the jukebox - trembling blue stars
l'ull entorn - fred i son