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I found a girl (Desembre 2009)

jean & dean
the american breed
every mother's son
john renbourn
passmore sisters
rolling stones
bobbie gentry
me and dean martin
carole king
merle haggard
a riot of colour
lou reed
bola de nieve


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April in Portugal (novembre 2009)

perez prado
léo ferré
sixth great lake
vermont sugar house

babatunde olatunji

four tops
tom paxton
kenny carter
astrud gilberto
beat happening...

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Handmedown Green (octubre 2009)

mighty mighty

life studies


pants yell!

kate & anna mcgarrigle

last party


field mice

bonnie prince billy

the carousel

tim hardin


Handmedown Green (octubre 2009)

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the epic kind - in a sort of way and more (2009)

the epic kind
in a sort of way and more (2009)

1-I will find the way
3-dirty world
5-all of my life
6-go to the moon
8-sort of way
9-talking about tomorrow

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valentine's songs (setembre 2009)

billy bragg

bruce springsteen

chet baker

man from delmonte

richard hawley

jim ruiz


my bloody valentine

tim buckey

tom waits

miles davis


bryan ferry


three hour tour

link: valentine's songs

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dilluns, 21 de setembre de 2009

hunkydory - over the rainbow

de take the pills: over the rainbow

dimarts, 15 de setembre de 2009

friends - songs without tears (1991)

here you are: songs without tears

dilluns, 14 de setembre de 2009

real life (setembre 2009)

real life (setembre 2009)

bluertain, barbara manning, grape,
le coupe, friends, trash can sinatras,
holiday, fairport convention,
liechtenstein, fairways,
another sunny day, next time passions...

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diumenge, 30 d’agost de 2009

hey paulette


holiday (1995)

harvey williams - california (1999)

harvey williams

dissabte, 22 d’agost de 2009

bluetrain - some greater love

some greater love
aquí (área 51 del croazón)

heat wave (agost 2009)

the lilac time

james dean driving experience

the waving tree

the tartans

remember fun

the brilliant corners

charlotte's web

pants yell!

marden hill

little walter

blind willie mctell

the kinks

my morning jacket

t bone burnett

bill callahan

the scene is now

chet atkins

bob dylan

ten city

coach station reunion

link: heat wave

The Fairways - Darling, Don't You Think? (2000)

listen aquí

this is farewell, lp (2004) aquí

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everything's for sale, e.p. (2009) aquí

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Blind Willie McTell

dimarts, 11 d’agost de 2009

cheuck berry - maybellene

dilluns, 10 d’agost de 2009

Always i Wild Poppies 2 discos

always (1988) : http://01fragments.blogspot.com/2008/11/always-thames-valley-leather-club.html

wild poppies (1986) : http://kiwitapes.blogspot.com/2007/09/wild-poppies-heroine.html

slow lovin' (agost 2009)

1 window without a view - always

2 talking to myslef again - the wild poppies

3 downhill - the waltones

4 so unbelievable - fat tulips

5 convenience - bob

6 local government - masters of hemisphere

7 el halcón milenario - patrullero mancuso

8 help me somebody - bmx bandits

9 sick and tired - red sleeping beauty

10 all I wanna do - the beach boys

11 slow lovin' - martin stephenson & the daintees

12 waiting for my love - the summer suns

13 the bootlegger - david kilgour

14 this person - the wild poppies

14 how can you say you are really free - the charlottes

15 love and death in metroland - always

16 all the things I wasn't - the grapes of wrath

17 choirboys gas - bad dream fancy dress

18 private eyes - hall & oates

19 messidor II - the village

link: slow lovin'

it's immaterial - new brighton +

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dijous, 6 d’agost de 2009

masters of hemisphere - local government (2002)

local government

rules of life

versió de private eyes de hall & oates

la original

més hall & oates (danelectro igual que la meva)

patrullero mancuso - el halcon milenario (1997)

para hacer un buen arroz
se necesita un diente
de los de ajo se entiende...

fruitier than thou

blog amb concerts de hurrah, grab grab the haddock, the daintees...


the carousel - strawberry fayre (1988)

dimecres, 29 de juliol de 2009

bob - convenience

dimarts, 28 de juliol de 2009

dijous, 23 de juliol de 2009

this is love (juliol 2009)

this is love - the gist

barlow's house - dead famous people

baby it's you - dolly mixture

knight in gale - the palisades

jennifer television - po!

a place in the sun (italiano) - stevie wonder

paradise lost - anthony adverse

great fool - the apartments

brazil 94 - arabesque

toymaker - the association

it happens all the time - biff bang pow!

patrick - big table

antenna (acoustic) - the church

bend in the road - danny and dusty

we love you carol and allison - game theory

le sourire de pablo - isabelle antena

only true love - lee harvey

holiday song - marine girls

naufrage en hiver - mikado

don't ring me up - protex

the second time - the raw herbs

everlasting - the sweetest ache

pleasure of love - tom tom club

pinstriped rebel - would-be-goods

probably this winter - yeah jazz

link: this is love

dimarts, 21 de juliol de 2009

calypso (setembre 2006)

summer - anna domino

crestfallen - devine & statton

great lengths - lucksmiths

big saturday - jazz butcher

between delta and delaware - guild league

right here (early version) - go-betweens

one of those things - dexy's midnight runners

three sixty degrees - airport girl

friendship - dislocation dance

her shoes are right - stuart moxham

lay lady lay - bob dylan

wild horses - prefab sprout

heavenly pop hit - the chills

levi stubbs tears - billy bragg

the waiting - tom petty and the heartbreakers

baby it's real - curt boettcher

day-o (banana boat song) - harry belafonte

link: calypso

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downhill (octubre 2007)

downhill - days

the rain fell down - jesse garon & the desperadoes

stop the rain - suede crocodiles

the sun, a small star - the servants

comedians - the sunny street

she is so - a craze

again and again - episode 4

lazy days - love parade

go to work - sensible jerseys

I want to live - the tempest

Yes please! - confetti

bobby's on fire - the girl with the replaceable head

nothing to hide - shoestrings

splashing along - jesse garon & the desperadoes

waiting here for  me - johnny says yeah!

every summer - friends

the house that jack built - tracie

link: downhill